Academic Rules

The Master of Accountancy in Taxation can be studied on either a fulltime (four courses a semester) or a part-time basis (a minimum of two courses per semester). An academic semester is of twenty week (equivalent to five months) duration. Every course unit shall involve two lectures of 90-minutes each every week over a period of twenty weeks. A course unit shall be evaluated by two midterm tests (30%), class participation (10%), class tests (10%), a project paper (10%) and a final exam (40%). A midterm test will usually be of one-hour duration. The final exam will be of two-hour duration and subject to a single-examiner evaluation. The uniform grading system recommended by the University Grants Commission (UGC) will comprise the grading policy of the program. Instructors will publish their final results within a week after the end of term-final exam.

Retake Rule

A student earning B or below B grade in any course in any term shall be allowed to improve the grade by retaking the course in subsequent semesters. A student can retake a course only once. If a student fails to improve his/her grade, the previous grade will prevail.

Waiver Policy

A student being a member of any recognized professional accountancy and/or auditing organizations or a bar council or having a previous graduate degree in areas of business and law shall be entitled to a waiver of maximum four courses. Waiver decisions will depend on institutional background and his/her performance in respective courses. Waiver decision of the program committee is final and cannot be contested.