Degree Requirements

A graduate student of the Master of Accountancy in Taxation program shall be entitled to the degree if he/she fulfils the following requirements:
      1) A successful completion of 51 credit hours of course works and thesis work;
      2) A minimum CGPA of 2.50;
      3) Completion of the degree requirements within a period of six academic years from the year of first admission into the program; and
      4) No “F” grade in any course work or master thesis of the program.

Entry Requirements

A recognized bachelor degree (or equivalent qualification), preferably in areas of accounting, business, law, and economics is the basic entry requirement. Applicants bearing a third class or CGPA<2.50 in any degree program are not eligible for application. A call for admission will be published twice a year. Applicants shall be subject to a written test worth 70 points. Previous academic attainment and an interview shall account for 20 points. Prior work experience (of more than 2 years) in relevant fields is entitled to a maximum 10 points. A final list of selected students will be published in the notice board of the program office.

Fees & Charges*

Sl # Item Description Amount(taka)
1 Application Form 2,000
2 Admission Fee 10,000
3 Semester Fee (per semester) 8,000
4 University Registration Fee 2,000
5 Course Fee (per credit) 4,000
6 Course Exemption Fee (per credit) 2,000
7 Computer Lab Fee 5,000
8 ID Card & Library Card Fee 500
9 Residential Hall Fee 500
10 Student Advising Fee (per semester) 500
11 Waiver Application Fee (per course) 300
12 Transcript/Testimonial Fee 800